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Find unique, designer-quality wardrobe staples with us

We are passionate about sourcing exciting, historic, and contemporary designs with sustainability and memorable style in mind. From retro dresses to vintage Levi's to leather jackets, you are sure to find an eclectic assortment of high-quality attire at Eclectricities.

4 Reasons to Shop Vintage

  1. Shopping second-hand reduces waste in our landfills and keeps historic garments alive.
  2. Vintage clothing is made with designer quality construction and aesthetic. It was made to last much longer than today's fast fashion.
  3. Vintage clothing is an affordable way to achieve a designer look. For example, a 1970s maxi dress will cost much less at a vintage shop than a department store's designer label.
  4. Vintage clothing isn't usually found in size runs, so your new-to-you find will likely be a unique look to help you stand out from the crowd.